The Church on Natland Green

Historically there have been some 5 churches built in or around the area of Natland Green, and as the area developed in importance, the churches got bigger and better, until the latest church, St Marks, was built to the size it now stands, under the auspices of Austin and Paley. A similar story surrounds the development of Crosscrake church. Below are some pictures of St Marks including the newly placed stain glass windows on the South Wall.

A view of the church from across the village green

A closer view of St Marks by the main entrance

The view from the west wing up the aisle to the altar

This is the stain glass window  on the West wing

A newly donated modern stain glass window on the South wall

A close up view of the Chancery

The small chapel at the South of the Chancery

A view down the church from the altar rail

There is a flourishing community in the church of St Marks, with youth groups, mothers unions, choir, creches.

The congregation have a strong leadership under the supervision of Tim Evans who is Rural Dean. Tim also trains clergy in all sorts of different ways. There is a sense of unity when attending their services.