The Mothers Union Display

Lots of Information and really colourful

The Children’s Society

Lots to look at and read here

In front of the altar there is a display of Sylvia Morris’s continued work in

Uganda where the children in the school are being supported by Crosscrake

Outreach, and on the right of the altar you can see the work that we have done for our Orphan in Bangladesh called “Nomita” who we have supported for

over 6 years now.  Nomita if you can get to a computer with the internet then you can see yourself here !!!

To finish there is the display from the Women’s Institute at Crosscrake and all the work they have been putting in over all the years – colourful and attractive to the eye


Born on the 11th August 1985, Nomita arrived at the “House of Joy” in March 1989 at Tilok, Kulna District, Rupsha Thana in Bangladesh.  She is about 155 cm tall.  Her general health is good and her best hobby is story writing.

Whimsical, absentminded, she studies attentively.  Her maths is not so good but likes algebra and can solve complex problems.  When asked gently to do things she does them, but doesn’t like being ordered around !  Nomita is good at music and dancing.  We are asked to pray for her, and her development.


She loves to cook and once caught a fish which she shared with her room-mates.


Nomita—from all of us at Crosscrake—we hope all is well with you and that you will continue to flourish and blossom.  We are all concerned about you !

Take care,

Love all at Crosscrake.

Crosscrake Patronal Festival